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Comparison of pure coffee water (pcw) and Third Wave Water (TWW)

The importance of water for coffee preparation is often underestimated. But for coffee lovers, one thing is clear: the right water is crucial for a good and genuine taste experience. In this article, we therefore compare two solutions that are committed to achieving perfect coffee water: pure coffee water (pcw) and Third Wave Water (TWW). We explore the question of which product is the better choice for European consumers.

Adaptation to the metric system

One important aspect is the adaptation to the European metric system. While Third Wave Water is designed for the US measuring system (gallon = 3.78541178 liters), pure coffee water was specially developed for the metric system (5 liters). This adaptation enables uncomplicated dosing and use for coffee lovers in Europe, without any complicated conversions/measurements.

Costs and ecological balance

Compared to Third Wave Water, pure coffee water is significantly cheaper for European consumers. Thanks to local production in Germany, pcw also has a much better environmental footprint than the competing product from the USA.

Protection from limescale and corrosion

Another significant difference lies in the protection against limescale and corrosion. pure coffee water explicitly guarantees protection against limescale and corrosion thanks to the special mineral mixture. In contrast, Third Wave Water products unfortunately contain calcium, which can lead to deposits in the machine and reduce the lifespan of the machine.

Transparent production standards

The origin and quality of products are of great importance. While Third Wave Water's quality standards are not completely transparent, pure coffee water is produced locally in Germany in compliance with strict German quality standards. This transparency not only ensures high product quality, but also trust and safety for consumers.

Conclusion: The perfect choice for coffee lovers in Europe

In summary, pure coffee water is the ideal solution for coffee lovers in Europe. Thanks to its adaptation to the metric system, its low cost, its explicit protection against limescale and corrosion and its transparent German quality standards, we believe it is the better alternative compared to Third Wave Water.


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