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Enjoy the pure taste of coffee

Minerals to enrich purified/distilled/deionized water for perfect coffee flavor, to protect your appliances and your health

For your


Your coffee / espresso consists of >92% water. Although it is crucial for the taste, this main ingredient is usually given little attention during preparation. We have therefore developed a mineral composition based on the recommendations of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to get the best taste out of your coffee / espresso - life is too short for bad coffee!

For your appliances

Tap water and most spring/bottled water contain limescale and therefore require regular descaling of your appliances. Most countertop filters reduce water hardness, but do not completely protect against limescale! In future, save yourself expensive descalers that harm your appliances and use pure coffee water with no limescale and no risk of corrosion - your appliances will thank you!

For your

In addition to limescale, tap water and more and more spring/bottled water unfortunately also contain many harmful impurities
(e.g. bacteria, viruses, pesticides, microplastics, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, nitrate, uranium, etc.). As our product is dissolved in demineralized water, more than 99% of these harmful substances are no longer present - your body will thank you for it!

It's as simple as that:


Dissolve the contents of one stick in 5 liters of Deionized Water - the easiest way is to use "Distilled Water" from the drugstore or supermarket or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water.


Shake the container well until the minerals have completely dissolved in the water - this should usually be the case within a few minutes.


Pour the now mineralized water into the water tank of your machine or kettle and use it to prepare your favorite beverage.

Our products:

What our customers are saying:

Ingenious idea with a big impact

Purecoffeewater is the best thing you can treat yourself to as a coffee gourmet and your portafilter machine.
The espresso tastes even better and the annoying descaling of the machine is a thing of the past. I am thrilled!

Eric via trustpilot (link)

Finally a good and affordable alternative from DE!


As I have been dealing with the topic of water for coffee for some time now, I am completely convinced that you need good water for really good coffee or espresso. I haven't used normal tap water for a long time. I am therefore very happy that there is now a good and affordable alternative to TWW, AQUACODE & Co from Germany. Thumbs up from me!

Karl via trustpilot (link)

Bye bye Volvic!


In the past I've always used Volvic for my machine, but due to bad reviews / headlines regarding contamination I've now ended up with Pure Coffee Water and I think it tastes great and I can save myself the trouble of descaling my machine in future. Fantastic!

Michael via trustpilot (link)


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