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Which water for the perfect coffee and espresso?

Coffee/espresso is more than just ground beans and the chosen preparation method (coffee machine, fully automatic coffee machine, portafilter, etc.). The quality of the water you use for your coffee/espresso plays a decisive role in the preparation of your favorite drink. The importance of water in the preparation process is often underestimated, but choosing the right water can have a significant impact on the taste of your favorite drink.

Why is the water so important?

Water is the main ingredient in your coffee/espresso - it makes up >92% of your drink. The quality of the water is therefore of crucial importance. The water not only influences the taste, but also the extraction of flavors from the coffee beans.

Which water is the best?

The best water for coffee/espresso is soft, clean and free from impurities. Ideally, it should have a neutral pH value and a balanced mineral composition. Water that is too hard, rich in minerals such as calcium or magnesium, can affect the taste of coffee by altering the extraction process and leading to a bitter or metallic taste.

On the other hand, water that is too soft can also cause problems, as it may not contain enough minerals to extract the flavors properly.

Tips for improving water quality
  1. Filtration: Use filtered water without impurities and ensure a balanced mineral composition. Please note: activated carbon filters (e.g. BRITA) and/or softeners (e.g. BWT) lose their filter performance quite quickly and only remove limescale to a limited extent, so descaling is still necessary. In addition, those filters do not (sufficiently) filter harmful substances out of the water. We therefore recommend using deionized or distilled water (e.g. reverse osmosis water or "distilled water" from the drugstore/supermarket).

  2. Measurement: Test the water quality to ensure that it has the optimum pH value and the correct mineral composition.

  3. Mineral supplements: Special mineral additives such as pure coffee water help to add the minerals required for coffee extraction and deliver an optimal, reproducible taste experience.


The importance of water for coffee/espresso quality should not be underestimated. The right water is just as important as choosing high-quality coffee beans and using a good coffee grinder. By paying attention to the quality of your water and ensuring that it is optimally matched for coffee preparation, you can be sure that your coffee/espresso will be a pleasure every day - true to the motto "Life is too short for bad coffee"!


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